13th Jul, 2011

Cashing in

One of the things before I go is is cashing in on my loyalty program points.

First was Deutsche Bahn. I had 1421 points, enough to get something for 1000 points. After looking at the choices, I ordered a travel wallet (big enough to hold (old-school) paper plane tickets) on 7 July. Of course, then the worry was that it might actually say Deutsche Bahn on it or have their logo (and on Twitter I threatened to send it to Claire if it did). Luckily, when it arrived today it didn’t.

Then was my Payback card (a loyalty program network). I had 1,701 points on it which converted to €17. So, I went to Real (a small Wal-Mart) and had a look around. I knew that I didn’t want something large to carry around, plus I was looking for something I didn’t necessarily need, just wanted.

After 10 minutes, I got bored and started walking out when I saw it. Very compact and gave me a variety of further options AND it was something I wanted, but didn’t need.

What was this miracle purchase?

A €15 iTunes card!

It got even better when I arrived at the check-out and found out that Real was giving a 20% discount this week on all iTunes cards(!) – which, of course, meant that I had to go back and buy a second one.

So, I used €17 in points and paid €7 and got €30 to spend on iTunes apps and other iTunes rubbish that I don’t need.



… a visitor from Ho Chi Minh City. This + a travel wallet for paper plane tickets – someone doing holidays?