8th Jul, 2011

For those who might not know,

I will be leaving Germany forever in a few weeks.

I’ll only be setting foot in this country again if necessitated by travel arrangements.


I am really happy that you have made plans that have made you happy and I hope that you will share them when you can. I will be very sorry not to see you at Webmu, if you don’t return for it, but I am excited to hear more about your plans.

Goodness! That’s sounds quite serious. Will you share what happened and where you are going?

Regardless, happy travels and good luck with your next living situation!

Safe onward travels — will you change the base URL for the blog away from /germany/ — or is the blog forever going to be URL’d at /germany/?

So Germany really does suck after all. ;-)

Hope to see you soon, there’s always a sofa and tea for you.

Hi J,

Sorry to hear that you will leaving Germany, but hope that you have some good plans set out for the future and looking forward to meeting up at some point in the future.

I will miss your posts.

I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time and have especially enjoyed the occasional videos you have posted about some of your trips along the Rhine and Mosel. Sorry to hear you will be leaving, I hope your blog will continue from wherever your next home will be. As a longtime reader I would really be interested to know why you decided to leave Germany. Good luck!!

wow that came out of no where.

Leaving?! Sounds like something drastic has happened. I mean, you just moved to a new place and all.
Can’t deny that I’m curious. Drop me a line if you find some time.

Wow. I am just the tiniest bit heartbroken that I missed out on opportunities to meet you. One always thinks that there will be a Webmu next year, and potentially closer or on a better date – and then there isn’t. I wish you jedes erdenklichen Erfolg and much happiness in all that life has in store for you. It has been a pleasure following your adventures and misadventures here.

Wow !

I remember what a hassle it was when I left. So many details to attend to. It took me weeks to cancel and change everything.

My last act was the “Abmeldung”. Although I went some days before my planned departure the folks at the “Einwohnermeldeamt” advised me to wait until just hours before my flight, because as soon as you do the paperwork you become a “non-person” and are not insured should something happen to you while you’re out running around.

Best of luck to you !

Sounds if something drastic has happened.

Anyway – Good luck with your new life!

Wow. I hope it’s good news and a good onward move, and I hope you keep blogging.

Aw, sorry J, I only got your email today (was out of town for the last weeks). :(