21st Jun, 2011

Nine years ago today

I moved to Germany.

Just an FYI.


Congratulations? Hope you have a great day.

Wow, happy Germanniversary!

Congrats from me too. Any thoughts on becoming a German citizen? (dual passport?) I’m a Brit. been here a LONG time and it has never really crossed my mind. ;)

Thanks, G

Thanks, Mandi

Stu, nope, Never thought of it once I found out that the US and Germany don’t have a treaty allowing dual citizenship.


Well it can’t be _that_ bad, if you managed to stay 9 years… ;-)

PS: for foreigner’s it’s not possible, but actually, for germans living overseas (for a longer period of time), it is under certain circumstances possible to acquire the citizenship of that country without losing the german one – if that particular country also allows dual citizenship…

My condolences. 5th of july will be my 9 years.

Congratulations. My brother’s in-laws had to give up their German citizenship to get US citizenship, then decades later Germany changed the law, as umij said, so that today it would be possible for them to hold both passports. I always assumed that meant dual citizenship was allowed going in both directions; I didn’t know it’s not possible for a non-German to acquire German citizenship and still hold the original citizenship.

@Jennifer: Well, not _legally_. Most countries will refuse to “let you leave”, so to speak, i.e. just give you back your passport after declining the original citizenship and getting the german one. Without telling german authorities. At least that’s what I’ve heard from several Turkish->German and American->Japanese friends…