20th May, 2011

My ride for the weekend


Why do I need a ride? Personal sanity.

I’ve got to escape MyCity for a while before I go crazy, so I’ve rented a car. €59 weekend rate (pick up on Friday, return on Monday) – €9 more than train/bus tickets for where I want to go would cost, but it also means that I can travel at my own pace rather than having to adhere to bus/train schedules.

Where am I going? To a couple museums out in the deepest, darkest Hunsrück and Westerwald that I want to see.





Awesome! Have fun!

For your next escape, come and see your favorite ex-Germany folks! If you can put up with Ryanair, the Hahn/Stansted route will put you near us for a cheap price. ;-)

Thanks, CN, it was a blast!

Heather, I’m planning on wearing out my welcome next year :)