18th Aug, 2011

This blog has ended.

I would like to thank my regular readers for bearing with me on my journey of self-discovery in Germany and especially thanks my fellow Whiney Expat Bloggers in Germany for their support and patience with me.

13th Jul, 2011

Cashing in

One of the things before I go is is cashing in on my loyalty program points. First was Deutsche Bahn. I had 1421 points, enough to get something for 1000 points. After looking at the choices, I ordered a travel wallet (big enough to hold (old-school) paper plane tickets) on 7 July. Of course, then [...]

I will be leaving Germany forever in a few weeks. I’ll only be setting foot in this country again if necessitated by travel arrangements.

21st Jun, 2011

Nine years ago today

I moved to Germany. Just an FYI.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Now that I’ve re-explored the world of traveling by car or by train, I want to give my views. When I traveled by car, I had to make sure I had a good night’s sleep so that I didn’t fall asleep driving, but when I went by train, all I had to do was get [...]

7th Jun, 2011

Travel Tuesday: photo

The alter of the abbey in Maria Laach

3rd Jun, 2011

Road Trip Day 1 Digest

Back from day one of my road trip. Why am I back? Due to the fact that I have to work 9-12 tomorrow. The road trip resumes afterwards Anyway… Here’s my ride for the weekend: a VW Polo.

31st May, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Hotel

While looking around on various hotel websites for hotels in Cologne, I came across this place (that I’m not sure I’d want to stay in).

31st May, 2011


World No Tobacco Day! Put ‘em out for the day, smokers, you might like it.

we now have the Glee Music Awards. Vote today. My votes: – Song of the season: Loser like me – Best original song: Get it Right (only because Hell to the No isn’t on the list) – Best female solo: No Vote. (Get it Right and Hell to the No are the best two of [...]

22nd May, 2011


- Aircraft museum – Cadillac museum – Sightseeing in Hachenburg – Symphony – Scoping out more things to see on weekends – Too much driving Best weekend since I’ve been back from Asia. A few new vids on MyTube

20th May, 2011

My ride for the weekend

Why do I need a ride? Personal sanity. I’ve got to escape MyCity for a while before I go crazy, so I’ve rented a car. €59 weekend rate (pick up on Friday, return on Monday) – €9 more than train/bus tickets for where I want to go would cost, but it also means that I [...]

One of the things that must be done when moving in Germany is the changing of the dwelling you are registered in with the office of the city (Buergeramt) your new residence is in. That’s actually quite easy to do and free of charge. However, I also have a school car registered to my address [...]